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Songs In Prose: R. Kelly “I’m A Flirt”

Now if you walk up in the club with a bad chick, and she’s looking at me then I’m going to hit it. Man, jacking for chicks, I tried to quit, but I’m a player homie, so I had to hit it.

While you were buying her drinks in the club, acting like your in love, stunting like you’re all thug, we was switching numbers. She looking at you when I walked by, but you turned your head, she winked her eye. I can’t help if she’s checking for a platinum type of guy.

She’s calling me daddy, and I’m calling her mommy. She’s calling you Kelly, when you’re name is Tommy.

I don’t know what ya’ll be thinking when you bring them around me. Let me remind you that I am the king of R&B. Do you know what that means? That means if you love your chick, don’t bring her to the VIP, because I might leave with your chick.

Just keeping it real. It’s a player’s feel. Don’t take your bitch to the club when you just met her. Because I’m a flirt.

Written By: R. Kelly