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Baltimore’s Cultural Divide, Captured in Song

Everything you ever wanted to know about Baltimore’s cultural, class and racial divides can be found in these competing homemade, DIY Baltimore Orioles Anthems.

Here’s “Oh, Oh, Orioles” By Warning Track Power.

ANNNNND, Here’s “Black and Orange” by D Boi (a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Gold song)


Hunter S. Thompson: On Sportswriters

“Sportswriters are a kind of rude and brainless subculture of fascist drunks whose only real function is to publicize & sell whatever the sports editor sends them out to cover…

Which is a nice way to make a living, because it keeps a man busy and requires no thought at all. The two keys to success as a sportswriter are 1) a blind willingness to believe anything you’re told by the coaches, flacks, hustlers and other “official spokesmen” for the team-owners who provide the free booze… and: 2) a Roget’s Thesaurus, in order to avoid using the same verbs and adjectives twice in the same paragraph.”

What I Read: Roger Ebert, Manny Pacquiao, Gamblers and Fear & Loathing

I spent two hours at”Common Ground coffee shop in Hampden, nestled down with a medium roast Zeke’s coffee and a stack of printed articles, magazines and local newspapers that I’ve been meaning to mow through but haven’t had the time or energy. Continue reading

Dead Heroes – ‘Wild’ Bill Hagy

Apparently the Baltimore Orioles FanFest was last weekend, reportedly drawing over 12,000 fans. Though widely scorned by the bulk of ticket-buying fans in the Mid-Atlantic region, the Birds are still part of the fabric of the local Baltimoron community. My friend Kevin runs a blog about Orioles jersey number history. Dozens of other blogs still exist.

I loved the Orioles at one time, listening to John Miller’s play-by-play on WBAL via my clock radio (I’m going to tell that tale to my grandchildren one day and they’ll just laugh at the grumpy old man I’m sure). These days, its a great excuse to get hammered at Pickle’s Pub outside the stadium before stumbling toward Federal Hill to get my boogie on.

But, there was a time when a man could enjoy himself thoroughly and organically at an Orioles game, part of a horde of superfans who bounced through a haze of cheap beer and marijuana and beards and bleacher seats to cheer their championship Birds on.

And Wild Bill Hagy was their leader.

Mississippi River: The Beginning and End

Fun juxtaposition, especially with the Minnesota Vikings taking on my beloved New Orleans Saints next Sunday.

Always been fascinated about the Mississippi River, it’s place in American history and its connection to the center of the country. Was in St. Paul, Minnesota this weekend, at the start of the river.

A far contrast to where the river ends, down in New Orleans and the Huey P. Long Bridge, where I was hanging out last October.

Have a shot of the Mississippi River you’d like to share? Email

Sad Face Tiger/Happy Face Tiger

Since Bill Simmons already wrote about my theory that Tiger Wood’s current situation parallels the entire three-season story arch of ‘Mad Men’, I just have this one critique of this entire situation. When ESPN/CNN/FOXNews/MSNBC/any other acronym media organization do the Tiger Floozy update, they all use a Sad Tiger photo. Really, of the millions of photos taken of Senor Woods over the years, how hard was it to cull through the files and pull one of him like this…

When they all should have stockpiles of Happy Tiger photos, say, like this one…

Now, there’s a man who’s scored with Las Vegas event planners, VIP waitresses and noted porn stars and knows it.

You know, just saying…

InPraiseOf Video: Liverpool’s Fernando Torres

My love of soccer is still in its infant stage. I’d probably be hip to it more if 1) I lived in D.C. and could jump on the Metro for United games at RFK [though I am a card-carrying member of the Barra Brava] and 2) I laid the $5 for Fox Soccer Channel.

Regardless all, Fernando Torres is the bomb. Love him with Spanish National Team, love him with Liverpool. Check out his awesome goal in Liverpool’s 2-0 upset of Manchester United from this past Sunday.