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Red Cyclops Manifesto

Charm City. The Land of Pleasant Living. The Greatest City in America. A place that asks us to believe.

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Where in the World is Josh King?: The Road Trip Begins

This is my friend Josh King. Recently, Josh took an extended vacation to the Grand Canyon, a little getaway before his baby girl was born.

Josh likes Goldfish crackers. Really, who doesn’t? They are apparently a great snack on the Grand Canyon hiking trails.

That looks like fun. But did you know Josh likes to travel and eat Goldfish crackers all…over…the WORLD? Continue reading

In Praise Of: Urban Credentials

There’s an interesting on-going discussion following Sunday’s ‘Treme’ episode about the perennial debate of tourism/nativism of American cities.

What constitutes regional credentials? In Dennis Lehane’s “Gone, Baby, Gone”, Boston private dic Patrick Kenzie asks a purposely flippant question to Boston Police Detective Remy Bressant.¬† “What kind of name is Bressent?” he throws at him, questioning the cop’s Beantown credentials. “The kind they give you in Louisiana,” he replies.

“Oh yeah,” says Kenzie, ” Thought you were from here.”

“Well,” says Bressent. “It all depends on how you look at it. I mean, you might think that you’re more from here than me, for example. But I’ve been living here longer than you been alive. So who’s right?”

Treme’s “Right Place, Wrong Time” asks the same question, one that I had to answer over at Alan Sepinwall’s blog. First, read his review. My thoughts below: Continue reading

Baltimore Nights: The Hampden Evening Magic

Years from now, people will talk about Hampden, the neighborhood¬† where I grew up and have now returned to, the way they talk about New York’s East Village or Silver Lake in L.A., or Austin, Texas or Ashville, North Carolina or New Orleans’ Faubourg Marigny. This home of mine will be remembered fondly by the slew of artists, musicians, writers and Renaissance men who bore their original genius here. When, in the near and distant future, when they are asked about their fame and good fortune, they will look back to here, this strip of rowhouses and backstreets and music halls, where it all started, and remember a life easy and free.

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InPraiseOf Gallery: Daniel Krall

Daniel Krall is strong pop illustrator based out of Baltimore. I came across his work at Common Grounds, the coffee shop on Hampden’s 36th St. Since then I’ve noticed his work published multiple times in Baltimore City Paper as well as national publications (you can check out the resume here). Though I don’t know him he’s apparently a neighbor of mine and I’ve probably had a drink next to him at Golden West and didn’t know it. Though his illustrations cover multiple subjects, his pinup illustrations standout as exceptional among his work so I’ve picked those for my exhibition. More info can be found at

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