Manly Deeds: Richard Paterson, The Master Blender

One in an occasional series about doing sophisticated man-shit related to guns, whiskey, cigars, barbershop shaves, guitars and what have you.

Whyte & Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson is devoted to blended whiskey, which, in the single malt circles, is apparently sacrilege.

Like a high-end QVC sales personality though, he has his pitch for the blends down, complete with his own eye-popping demonstrations and catchphrases.

He flings whiskey to the floor for the sake of the pallet. He shows you the proper, upright way to sniff whiskey. He builds you a blend to fit your personality, using as many as 50 different ryes and malts.

He even has zinger lines: If you drink the whisky too quickly, he’ll slap you. And if he sees you holding a whisky tasting glass the wrong way, he’ll kill you.

Regardless of malt vs. blended, the man does his job, making me want to try Whyte and Mackay and take a trip to his distillery. Check out his full bore blended whiskey salesman ship technique in his two-part tasting demonstration, or in his blending demonstration, in the three videos below.


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