Where in the World is Josh King?: The Road Trip Begins

This is my friend Josh King. Recently, Josh took an extended vacation to the Grand Canyon, a little getaway before his baby girl was born.

Josh likes Goldfish crackers. Really, who doesn’t? They are apparently a great snack on the Grand Canyon hiking trails.

That looks like fun. But did you know Josh likes to travel and eat Goldfish crackers all…over…the WORLD?

Ah, gay Pariee. Though France is a land of brie and the baguette, Josh had to bring his favorite snack to the Eiffel Tower.

Onward to India, and a stop at the famed Taj Mahal. Watch out for that camel Josh, they spit!

Did you know the ancient Druids sacrificed Goldfish crackers at Stonehenge for the summer solstice?

Where in the world will Josh King turn up next? Stay tuned…


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