G Hunter’s Geocache: Hunt No. 1 – Say Cheese!!

So, this ‘lil fella is the spoils of my first Geocache, a worldwide game phenomenon that I’ve stumbled upon and am quickly falling for.

Geocaching is a live-action treasure hunt game, using GPS devices to locate hidden ‘caches’, an object or a collection of objects that are left in perpetuity for hunters to find. Mainstream notoriety is starting to catch up with geocaching. The Maryland Science Center is currently hosting an exhibit about GPS adventuring, while the National Park Service in Virginia, D.C. and Maryland just launched the Star-Spangled Banner Geotrail.

As I find more of these, I’m going to keep my own personal log here of my exploits.

Geocache Hunt No. 1

Title: Say Cheese!!
City: Baltimore, Md.
Location: Wyman Park
Left: scratched off lottery ticket
Took: Mini-dinosaur
Picture: Yes
Quick hike since this was in my backyard, had the opportunity to check out the new work they city has done on Stony Run as part of the drainage system implementation, essentially replacing the entire forest canopy and stream bed. Took a couple steps to get the correct bearings at the spot, but once in the right location it turned into a solid find.

Looking forward to the next hunt.


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