InPraiseOf Gallery: Photographer James Schaffer

Each week InPraiseOf will highlight a local/regional/national artist whose work provides inspiration for this blog.

Many of you know James Schaffer as the Art/Creative Director for Inside Lacrosse magazine. I’m lucky enough to call James my friend. Aside from all his great work you see at Inside Lacrosse, be it our magazine covers, logo design or the occasional spread these days, James is also an accomplished Baltimore-based photographer.

James’ eye for architectural composition is the baseline for his portfolio, able to capture the starkness, texture and lines of warehouses, defunct commercial properties and public works from Baltimore to Prague. He’s continued to evolve his private portfolio to include more human studies in intimate settings (his lacrosse features have well established his work in feature photo design).

Here are a few samples of his work below, and you can check the rest of his portfolio here.

Prague, Czech Republic

Howard St., Baltimore

Waverly Diner, Baltimore

Waverly Diner, Baltimore

Hon Fest, Hampden, 2009

Hon Fest, Hampden, 2009


One response to “InPraiseOf Gallery: Photographer James Schaffer

  1. Hypnotically aesthetic. I cannot stop staring at these.

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