InPraiseOf: Best Preakness Ever

medium_3530558281_8eb53d67d3As a Baltimoron, there’s I’m genetically embedded to rever the Preakness. Since Defender’s Day has diminished as a Charm City civic holiday (Sept. 12, look it up), Preakness is the last “our day” as a community.

(True story, I’ve done five Mardi Gras but never hit up the Pimlico infield. I’ve never been a fan of crowds in the first place, and, well, that’s one hell of a crowd. Plus I didn’t want to lose my teeth to a full beer can to the face. In protest, my buddy/landlord Tony is hosting a Preakness protest party at the Casa de Hamilton. CC me if you want to go.)

As for the horses, I’m fairly current with my Triple Crown knowledge. Silver Charm, Real Quiet, Big Brown, all the popular oat-eaters. But the 1989 race between Sunday Silence and Easy Goer always sticks in my mind as the best running of the Black-Eyed Susans. I don’t think a race has topped it since. Video below:

My favorite part, outside of the fantastic finish, is the camera pan of the backstretch, when they film the gangsta row houses in the background. Welcome to Baltimore, I’ll take that big hat you’re wearing, plus all your jewelry.

Uh, yeah, and I’ll go with whatever fast horse is not Mind that Bird. He ain’t winning this one. See ya Saturday.


2 responses to “InPraiseOf: Best Preakness Ever

  1. But MTB almost pulled it off! If the Preakness was a little longer he would have kept gaining and one. Rematch in the Belmont!

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