G. Hunter’s 2009 Fishing Challenge

images-6I didn’t grow up a fisherman. My father is many things -intellectual, mathematician, outdoor pool swimmer, contrarian- but never could you mistake him for an outdoorsman. The man grew up in rural Anne Arundel county, so it wasn’t like he wasn’t exposed to nature’s bounty. But to him, “outdoors” is usually synonymous with “work” which he likes to avoid, most of the time.

I learned my basic outdoor skills as a Boy Scout. I can cook, hike, fish and pack with the air of a seasoned camper, not in the Man vs. Wild mode of course, but more of the Cover-of-Life-magazine-with-dad-holding-a-line-of-trout vein.

I started fishing again recently. Worked the shorelines of Little Gunpowder River in east Baltimore County, hoping to snag some recently stocked trout. Caught bupkis. But, it did get make me want to set a personnel fishing challenge for myself this summer (I may expand this to a personal outdoor challenge, but we’ll go with the fishing challenge to kick start things).

G. Hunter’s 2009 Fishing Challenge
Type: Freshwater
Total Count: 5
Total Species: 5


1. Rainbow Trout
Count: 0
The season for these is starting to grow late, since the state’s stocking calendar is about to wrap up. These aren’t native to Maryland by any means, but they grow well in hatcheries and live well in the areas rivers. One of the few fish on this list I’d take home and pan-fry.

images-12. Smallmouth Bass
Count: 0
One of two fish I’ll be gunning for at the area reservoirs. Not as trophy cool as the largemouthers, but will go to the fish count.

images-23. Largemouth Bass
Count: 0
A vice of mine is to wake up early on Saturdays/Sundays and watch hunting and fishing shows. Largemouth Bass are the stars of said fishing shows. The Bmore County reservoirs are home to these babies here. Going to snag at least one.

images-54. American Shad
Count: 0
This one will be a trip up the Susquehanna, but that shouldn’t be too bad. Spawning season kicking now so we’ll see what we can do with this one. Might be the most time sensitive.

images-45. Brown Trout
Count: 0
These guys are probably the hardest to catch among the trout. Will be the most “intellectually” challenging, as they seem to know the difference between artificial and real bait.

Follow my progress (and hopefully pix) through 2009.


2 responses to “G. Hunter’s 2009 Fishing Challenge

  1. Patterson Park fishing derby is coming up: http://www.pattersonpark.com/Calendar/calendar.html

    I think they stock some trout there. I’m down if you are!

  2. Now, only if you could catch women.

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